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The Beginning…

The easiest thing to decide was that I wanted to have a blog of my own where I could be anyone I wanted to be, write what I wished to write & think whatever came to my mind and express it. To put it simply I wanted ‘a place of my own’.

Like every woman I always wanted a place of my own which I could take care of, decorate, live, love, learn & evolve in. Many a women find their ‘home’ as that place where they do all that. Being a bit different I decided to have a virtual one instead which is easier to maintain as no one has a say in how I should have it or no one to displace & misplace things I have lovingly placed. Basically total control…

A place where friends are always welcome to have a word or two…..

The easiest decision made was to have a blog. I read a few (really good ones), got inspired & decided to try my hands on this new venture. With this thought my long lost dream of writing came alive with a spark.

Easier said than done, putting together all my ideas into a perfect page was more difficult that it seemed at first. Being a perfectionist  I wanted it to express the real me, convey it in a good way, be inviting & interesting as well, and above all should have some goodness about it too. “For every soul that touches mine should leave with some good received”, even if that is just a moments of pleasure.

So… Having all that in mind, I began my quest for a perfect (you’ll find that word a lot many times) Header. Oorja.. A name I knew & liked. Had it for years (my screen-name), it has now become my separate identity. That was an easy and obvious choice. What about the side heading which gives the actual message about the blog, what should that be..?

While all this was going on I also found myself stuck with the ‘Writer’s Block’. Couldn’t think of any good topic to write about for about a week. I kept churning all the ideas I had about this blog in my head & suddenly one fine day there was a flow of ideas like never before. One after the other thoughts came pouring, connecting and forming a mental picture of how I should go about it.

I finally found what I was looking for & things started falling in place. So.. Here I am writing on my own blog the story of how it all started……..

this is also the first post i wrote here.

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  1. September 24, 2009 5:20 am

    lovely… 😀

    thank you.. 🙂

  2. Ashley permalink
    October 23, 2009 2:33 am

    What an amazing idea, a blog!
    A friend of mine passed on a link to your site saying she thought she had seen a painting of me. You see I study art in a university in New Zealand. She was looking for inspiration.
    I came to have a wee look and its incredible, the image of the blonde girl in white at the top of your blog looks very similar to myself (as a little girl).. I was wondering where you found these images?
    I then had a read of a few posts you have created and feel a connection to your outlook and attitude towards life. Although that is a very broad statement to make it just amazed me that on one page I found all this. So thank you, and I think what you are doing is awesome! Keep writing (-:

    Hey Ashley.. welcome here… 🙂

    do you really look like that girl.. how sweet… i just found all these images on the net.. i started with no idea of what i was going to use as a header.. then is started looking at oil paintings as i like them very much (though i don’t paint).. then the idea came to me to use different phases of women.. as i am proud to be one.. and i wanted to celebrate womanhood… so i collected these photos and made a collage….

    i am very happy it brought you to my blog and even happier that you liked it… 🙂

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