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Mate…? or Mutt..

September 8, 2009

Typing the words was very difficult for her. It was her husband afterall…

Asking him to leave was really a difficult decision for her.

But she had to do it, for her company… for herself.

Had she not known how he was when she saw him the first time at the bank? Carelessly dropping a bundle of 100 Rs note and didn’t even noticing till she had pointed out. Thanking sheepishly, he didn’t even care to count before stuffing it into his expensive suit.

That should have been the first hint to her about his attitude with money. But maybe his good looks and amiable behaviour blinded her. And she was not able to look past those sugary words when destiny brought them together to work at the same place, and their casual friendship started to deepen.

She should have seen it coming when she started paying his overdrawn credit card bills saying afterall we dined together, and we shopped for me too, and I too am obliged to share it. While actually it was no sharing as she was doing all the paying and he got the credit of being a good boyfriend who took her shopping every now and then and took her to expensive restaurants, where you even need to pay to sniff the food.

Does love blind you like that? She couldn’t see her own bank balances draining.

And when he had asked her to marry him just when she planned to start something of her own, was it not a hint to his intentions. She was over the top as for her it was twice an occasion to celebrate.

And when he insisted to be the financial controller to her business, atleast that should have given her the needed jolt to wake up and see the reality. But she thought her husband loves her so much he wants to support and take right care of her funds.

How could she not see it coming?

All his decisions made the company not only ‘not grow’ but actually lose value. His extravagant expenditure and justifying it, drawing money from the company account saying it was all for the growth of the company, while all the time it was spent on his personal pleasures.

He was a good husband she thought. Always told her he loved her.

Why not? She was the greatest thing that had happened to him.

But it isn’t too late now.

She had fed him for more that 5 years now, and nothing should stop her from freeing herself.

He was taking her company down and she had to get rid of him to save what was left of it.

The letter that came today had been a wake up call. He had taken credit from all over the town in the name of the company and now she was looking at bankruptcy as there was no way out.

She wanted to take control before it was actually over.

So the termination letter ended with a request to leave the company.

And now was the turn to terminate the relationship too.

Photographs talk…

September 2, 2009

They tell a tale..

Look deep into them and you’d find a soul… waiting to be discovered.

They want to be seen..  felt.. remembered… and  thought about..


“What do you see in Me..?” it asked.

It was her routine scroll through all old photographs before bedtime..

“Why, I see me…” She said happily sighing how young she looked just a few years ago.

“That is the problem..!” it said sharply.

“What is..?” she asked.

 “You don’t see Yourself…” it said.

“No..?  What are you saying..?” asked her puzzled face.

“But it is me.. see.. standing right there in the middle..” She showed pointing a finger towards a young girl standing in the middle of a pool of people.

She started with the details on when it was taken…where… and who all are standing there… what faces they are making and what they are thinking while the photo was taken… she remembered each and every detail as if it was just yesterday..

“What do you think I see..?” she asked throwing back a lock if grey hair.

“You see who you could have been..!” came the indifferent answer.

“You still could have been that… and there…” it said softly.

“What do you mean..?” she asked.

 “Don’t you understand… all these years… This is who you have not been.. This is who you have been running from… you drifted from your family.. you wanted your independence.. your space…your career and now all you have are these empty voids in your life that you try to fill with Me.”

“Why do you think you keep looking at me..?”  it said looking her deep into the eye.

Her face hung. A drop came down on it.

 “Go fill your life with real people you love.. see if there are any left.. they all waited for you and then left disappointed….reach out.. hold on to them.. they are life…!”

 “Go love new ones.. that is all you need…. Not Me…!” Said the considerate Photograph.

Chutti Mil Gayi….

August 1, 2009

Finally after 2 long years of waiting…. i am off to my home…. 😀

I am so thrilled to go home and meet Mom , Dad & Bro… 

25 days of purely home .. me alone.. 

yes.. leaving hubby here ..

sound familiar .. Read it a Hitchy’s blog..?

i too was surprised when i logged in to inform that i am leaving day after tomorrow and here i see post about just what i was going to write…  😀

well not everything..  😉

Bro is leaving home for his higher studies.. Mom will have the regular ‘Empty nest syndrome’ … so me going to stay with her for the month to make her get used to live without my bro..

That would be difficult.. she’s not used to living without me now even till now.

i will keep blogging from home…  maybe not this regularly.. but will keep you all updated.

will have tonnes to talk and eat… ghar ka khana.. wow.. i can’t wait.

I’ll reach on 4th and bro is leavig on 5th. that is the only sad part. i just get to be with him one day and that too he has an exam that day… so its just half a day.

i tried to get my leave approved a bit earlier but.. my attempts went in vain.. my Superboss didn’t approve.

But good news is .. its Rakshabandhan that day.. THE day for bros & sis.. and will be with him that day. and will be able to see him off.. on his journey to a better life.

Then i also have all my Friends to meet..

Friendship day tomorrow.. me a bit late.. so what…???  we’ll celebrate Friendship week or month.. its just friends we need and that is occassion enough to celebrate…. no matter what day it is..

My best friend just got engaged last week .. will get to meet her.. loads of gossip… sharing her feelings… me giving advice on starting new married life (guys don’t laugh..) ok i won’t advice… just talk .. talk.. talk.. although she will be the one who’ll do the talking part as she loves to.. and me is always the listener…..

Maybe watch a few movies… shop a lot.. and i mean a LOT…  🙂

Enjoy rain..  eat garma garam Mom made pakodas.. 

Maybe hve some wise chats with Dad.. (maybe now he’ll consider me a grown up.. hmmm .. no way.. still daddy’s little girl… 🙂 )

I will Relive the life i had before…

Can’t wait to get home.. still 2 whole days to go….

I am totally set to fly.. without wings..


P.S – i might not be able to blog this week… and i’ll reply to all the comments from home..

P.P.S – Happy Friendship Day to all of my blog samaj friends…. 🙂

Let’s be kids again…

July 26, 2009
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Pal has tagged me with the “ABC Tag” and here I go again with all I could tell about myself..


But first the rules…..

Link the person who tagged you.   Check.

Post the rules on your blog.   Check.

Share the ABCs of you.    Check.  Of course I have nothing else to post.

Tag 3 people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.   Check. Names coming after the tag finishes.

Let the 3 tagged people know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.   Check.

Do not tag the same person repeatedly but try to tag different people, so that there is a big network of bloggers doing this tag! (Very Important One!)   Check.. Yes I want to know about those who don’t talk much about themselves..


A – Available/Single?  – Don’t available and single mean the same..? *ahem* Not available. 

B – Best friend?  –  My mom.. 🙂 can share anything with her..

C – Cake or Pie? – Hmm.. Yummy Cake.

D – Drink of choice?  – Coffee in the morning….

E – Essential item you use every day? – My toothbrush  😀  for me pearly whites..

F – Favorite colour? – Beautiful Black.

G – Gummy Bears or Worms? – Not much of a candy person.. if that is what they mean.. if not then the gummy bears.. Though I do like worms too, gummy bears are cute..

H – Hometown – Anonymity alert..

I – Indulgence?  – Blogging

J – January or February? –  Hmm… February… less days to work.. 😉

K – Kids & their names?  –  Sorry they are not here yet..

L – Life is incomplete without?  –  Finding yourself….

M – Marriage date? –  Will let you know if you promise to send gifts..

N – Name? Your real name!!  – Yeah right… as if I am gonna tell.

O – Oranges or Apples? –  An apple a day.. I don’t like going to the doctor

P – Phobias/Fears?  –  Me fears..??? As the great Simba says.. Hah! I walk on the wild side.. I laugh in the face of danger.. Ha ha ha ha…

Q – Quote for today?  – Don’t fix it if it ain’t broken.

R – Reason to smile?  – Being in love with the same person for the past 2 years…

S – Season?  – Winters

T – Tag 3 People?  –  Neeraja, Shayari and Rohini

U – Unknown fact about me? –  I could write a book on this one.

V – Vegetable you don’t like?  – Pumpkin

W – Worst habit? – Think a lot

X – X-rays? –  Never had a chance

Y – Your favorite food?  – Indian food and also Pizzas

Z – Zodiac sign? –  Sagittarius



Now my turn to Tag three people and they are Neeraja, Shayari and Rohini i want to know more about them.

Want to have a second date..? Order hot beverage in the first one

July 19, 2009

If you have been working hard to bring up the courage to speak to that girl you like, who doesn’t know you yet, make sure that while she sees you the first time she has been in contact with some warm stuff. Don’t just introduce yourself to a girl who has just had a drink of cold water from the water cooler. Go greet that girl with a warm coffee in hand.

Psychologists have proven that when we meet a new person after or with some contact with physical warmth as hot coffee or tea we are more likely to perceive the person as having ‘Warm’ personality traits such as ‘Friendly’ and ‘Trustworthy’. Whereas if we are introduced to a person just after contact with ‘Cold’ physical stimulus like a cold drink or ice-cream we tend to perceive the person as ‘Non Friendly’ and ‘Untrustworthy’. (Not totally just upto some extent)

And this is because our mind associates this ‘Physical warmth’ with the ‘Psychological warmth’ we got from our caretakers/ parents in our early years, so we tend to feel about this person as we did for our caretakers as trustworthy. We then like this person and want to continue being friends with them.

This works on first introductions only as we make our first impression for every person within seconds of meeting them. And mostly stick to it forever.

Not applicable in case of already known persons. So don’t deny your girl the ice-cream you promised just afraid she might avoid you next time, because in this case she will avoid you because you didn’t fulfill the promise. And no stimulus is going to help you there.

The research also said that after contact with a warm stimulus we tend to be more giving than being selfish. As the people who participated chose gifts for their friends instead of themselves after being in touch with a warm stimulus compared to ones who were in contact with a cold stimulus who chose the goodies for themselves.

So the physical warmth has that effect on the human psychology. We are more generous and friendly when warm.

Stay warm stay friendly…

So is it why spring time is the best for love..???? Warmth is in the air. Best suitable for all natural things to flourish flowers, greenery and friendship.


July 15, 2009

A colleague’s conversation with her mother-in-law.


Mil: how was work today?

She: hmm.. fine…

Mil: so did you do any business today..?

She: nothing today.

Mil: Pintu’s father (their neighbour) is getting an increment.

She: acha.

Mil: so any chances you get one too..

She: i don’t know..not every year, every company gives  every employee one.

Mil: so.. how much are you making in your incentives..?

She: could you please not ask that.


He: what is your problem..?

She: what..?

He: if you can’t respect my mother you are free to go.


Of landmarks and new beginnings

July 13, 2009

I have a history of jobs.. No I haven’t made history with my job, though I have made history at my job.. Ok I’ll come to all that later as its getting a bit confusing over here..

Yesterday I finished 1 full year at my current job. And that is a very big achievement for me because as I said earlier about my confusing history of jobs. I had a colleague once who said he had a 7 month itch, every 7 months he felt an urge to change the job. In my case it would be called a 1 month itch.

Yes I have changed 3 jobs each after 1 month of hardwork, due to all different reasons. So this one year is really an achievement for me.

When years ago I finished my graduation I went in search for my 1st job, and landed in one of the biggest banks of India as a sales executive. I was the only girl hired in my group.

They said sales is not for women, and I set out to prove them wrong. But maybe I was not as ready for it yet. The bank had its plans and they were too high, of fast growth. And I was finding it difficult to cope up with their speed. The sales pressure was way too high. Not only was I new and inexperienced, I was not sure I wanted to do a sales job. I had just entered to get some job and they had hired me on basis of my confidence only.

Though I must say I had a great boss. Just like a protective elder brother he used to accompany to some of my customers initially. And then he was always approachable. I could talk to him about my sales troubles. He reminded me of a cousin of mine.

Still just talking to him didn’t solve my problems. So after spending days searching for customers and spending sleepless nights and sometimes with nightmares I decided I was not ready for this job yet and went running back to my safe solace.. My home.

But one thing I had done right, while I was in my first job I had interviewed casually with a colleagues sister who were looking for back office people for a new office they were starting. It was also a National level company who were starting a new branch in my home town. I had almost forgotten about it.

So when just after 10 days I got a call for the second job. I felt wow.. good that I left the previous one as this one was no pressure just office job. But fate had decided something else for me. I had a good time at that office and was gaining confidence that I can continue here for long when I was suddenly hit by Typhoid and I had to take a long rest.

Then my protective dad didn’t want me working like this so he sent me back to my second home, my college to my studies (PG) which I always loved.

Then during my PG we had some internship involved. And that again felt as if I was actually working in an Esteemed Institution, I loved it a lot. After a few months of that I got a call from my guide there that she wanted to go on a vacation and she needed someone to take her place for about a month. So here I was working in a Hospital and practicing what I had learnt a few months ago. Though I was just an assistant to her colleague but still it felt great and important and it helped a lot to boost my morale. I kept studying after that.

Then a few more years went by and I was married. When I came here I first thought I will not work immediately and experience the new life that I have.

3 months.. and I was done with the experiencing. I came to know I am not cut to be the homely types. Maybe atleast not for now. I have tonnes of energy I need to put somewhere constructively.

Then I started my search for my next job. And after some real job hunt for months I found an office job but as a sales coordinator. So sales was not ready to leave me yet. This job was much more than what they told me. It was involving half of my day including transportation time. No time for family, food, chores, outing, rest or even for myself.

Just a month and I said Goodbye to them. That was the time I missed staying at home but, no that is not for me. One more month then I was back on my way to my new office.

 I again was in sales. Back to square one. Right where I started and that was one year ago.

 This office I really like. And maybe that is why I have been able to sustain here. The boss is friendly and understanding. I also have a history of bosses. But I think I should keep that for another post. The colleagues too are nice. Competition..? Well how can there be a sales job without that. But here it is quite a fair competition. So it is great working here.

About the history I made at my sales. Well I made my first sale on the third day I joined. And for the next three consecutive months I surpassed my targets and did fantastic unbelievable sales.

But then I think I ran out of lady luck or was it beginners luck. Well whichever that was it was over. And the sales was okay never bad though. Some called it recession, some that I lost my initial zest to do something.

I think it was a mixture of both. Now I am working as hard as I was last year and it is working. But now I am also working smartly, dealing rightly with people. Call it experience and learning. Now I understand them and their needs better, and know how to present myself and the product to interest them. And it is I think the right way to work.

Hope to create more histories in future.

Together forever..

July 5, 2009

It’s been 25 years since they have been living together…

This very day they had decided to unite.

And today they are planning for a dinner together at their favourite restaurant where they have been going all these years. There everyone knew them, and liked them, and welcomed them with open arms.

But it was not the same always. Their decision had seen much opposition, from family and friends and neighbours and whom-so-ever knew or did not know them, every single one talked about them behind their backs, and some rude ones even in front of them.

Still love won over all.

It was their love for each other that kept them together.

Both of them were strong independent individuals who knew where to limit the interference of society in their personal lives.

Two beautiful individuals with hearts of gold. Friendly to everyone, helpful and genuinely nice people.

Shyamli and Neelima

Two best friends… How and when it turned into love no one knew.. not even them.

At first it was cute to families how both the girls had sisterly affection for each other. Then they became suspicious as they were too affectionate by their definitions.

It was not love at first sight. It was a friendship that grew.

Today they are accepted by everyone, even the ones who crinkled their noses at their sight of togetherness.

Now even their adopted daughter is accepted.

They proved themselves. In this society where divorce rates are going up, they were the couple who rarely had even loud discussions.

Their love was immense; they had fought the society to be together how could they fight each other..?

Today they are a happy family.

They are celebrating two occasions tonight.

Their love for each other and the togetherness of 25 years.

And their daughter has announced of her marriage to the man of her dreams.

They are the proud parents today.

Incentives on spending

June 30, 2009

Watching NEWS yesterday I happened to see an interview with a retail chain head, who had his innovative idea for the budget (called as the Big B by the news channels) and how the government could/should bring about a change in the policies to interest the consumer in spending more so that the retail industry could flourish.

His idea was that if the customer is somehow given incentive on spending (like some tax rebate on that) it would help the retail industry a lot. As according to him consumers can do with saving less.

What was he thinking when he said the consumer can do with saving less just to improve his growth…?

I know he and his retails chain might have had a bad year with this recession, all his sales dropping as people only went for essentials. So to minimize his losses he wants people to spend and falsely believe that they will save some in return.

The problem is we are the kind of consumer society who will think if it as a big opportunity to save, closing our eyes on the fact that you can never save by spending. No matter how many tax rebates we get still it is much less than the lump we spend. That could have been our saving for the rainy day.

This is not very uncommon, all retail chains attempt for it by offering ‘membership cards’ and even banks have such offers on credit cards where you collect points when you spend using the card. And you get rewards on basis on spending. The more you spend the more gifts you get. That is a common strategy by the retail chains and banks but expecting the government to make such policies to encourage sales is one step too far.

Being in the sales industry it should be something which could help people like me. If people start spending more we would have more opportunity to sell. But I am a consumer too and I feel… is this consumer society not spending enough already..?

This generation is practically living on loans. The salary structure is much better than before but all of us are stuck in our EMI’s for something or the other. If not for homes, cars, bikes or education, atleast everyone is still thinking of how to finish off their credit card debts.

When it comes to money call me stringent. If you don’t need it why buy it, especially if you can’t afford it.

I know that increase in spending will have a positive effect on the economy, when people buy more their will be more production and growth opportunities for small brands too, also it will create more job opportunities. But still there is a catch to it.

The government wants the revenue but most of these retail chains sell many ‘Foreign brands’ and the money they make either goes to the respective country where the products come from or their own pockets as how regular they are in paying their taxes we may never know, and the consumer is left with products he may or may not really need and a heavy credit card bill.

What do you think..?

The sound of joy…

June 28, 2009

silver bell

The sound of metal on metal has always given me pleasure..

In school days it meant that the time allotted for our torture by a certain teacher was over.

Visits to temple had this incentive that we had a huge bell there and me loved to bang it with full force. Breaking the silence for many seconds.. Not to register to God that I was there.. But just because I loved to do it.

The keychain I have had since my school days.. and still have it… is a small bell. That is my secret charm that attracts kids. Be it any kid once I take the keychain out, it is history that no kid has ever had a second thought in coming right into my lap.

The wind chime that was a gift from my friends that hung right above the door.. made the sweetest sound (maybe of friendship) when the windows were kept open.

My purse too has a small metal buckle that makes the tiniest tinkles when I walk..

I just can’t have enough of this sound.. From the small *ting* to the big *gong*, though I prefer the small *ting tings*

The sound of the bells.. of all kinds.