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Of landmarks and new beginnings

July 13, 2009

I have a history of jobs.. No I haven’t made history with my job, though I have made history at my job.. Ok I’ll come to all that later as its getting a bit confusing over here..

Yesterday I finished 1 full year at my current job. And that is a very big achievement for me because as I said earlier about my confusing history of jobs. I had a colleague once who said he had a 7 month itch, every 7 months he felt an urge to change the job. In my case it would be called a 1 month itch.

Yes I have changed 3 jobs each after 1 month of hardwork, due to all different reasons. So this one year is really an achievement for me.

When years ago I finished my graduation I went in search for my 1st job, and landed in one of the biggest banks of India as a sales executive. I was the only girl hired in my group.

They said sales is not for women, and I set out to prove them wrong. But maybe I was not as ready for it yet. The bank had its plans and they were too high, of fast growth. And I was finding it difficult to cope up with their speed. The sales pressure was way too high. Not only was I new and inexperienced, I was not sure I wanted to do a sales job. I had just entered to get some job and they had hired me on basis of my confidence only.

Though I must say I had a great boss. Just like a protective elder brother he used to accompany to some of my customers initially. And then he was always approachable. I could talk to him about my sales troubles. He reminded me of a cousin of mine.

Still just talking to him didn’t solve my problems. So after spending days searching for customers and spending sleepless nights and sometimes with nightmares I decided I was not ready for this job yet and went running back to my safe solace.. My home.

But one thing I had done right, while I was in my first job I had interviewed casually with a colleagues sister who were looking for back office people for a new office they were starting. It was also a National level company who were starting a new branch in my home town. I had almost forgotten about it.

So when just after 10 days I got a call for the second job. I felt wow.. good that I left the previous one as this one was no pressure just office job. But fate had decided something else for me. I had a good time at that office and was gaining confidence that I can continue here for long when I was suddenly hit by Typhoid and I had to take a long rest.

Then my protective dad didn’t want me working like this so he sent me back to my second home, my college to my studies (PG) which I always loved.

Then during my PG we had some internship involved. And that again felt as if I was actually working in an Esteemed Institution, I loved it a lot. After a few months of that I got a call from my guide there that she wanted to go on a vacation and she needed someone to take her place for about a month. So here I was working in a Hospital and practicing what I had learnt a few months ago. Though I was just an assistant to her colleague but still it felt great and important and it helped a lot to boost my morale. I kept studying after that.

Then a few more years went by and I was married. When I came here I first thought I will not work immediately and experience the new life that I have.

3 months.. and I was done with the experiencing. I came to know I am not cut to be the homely types. Maybe atleast not for now. I have tonnes of energy I need to put somewhere constructively.

Then I started my search for my next job. And after some real job hunt for months I found an office job but as a sales coordinator. So sales was not ready to leave me yet. This job was much more than what they told me. It was involving half of my day including transportation time. No time for family, food, chores, outing, rest or even for myself.

Just a month and I said Goodbye to them. That was the time I missed staying at home but, no that is not for me. One more month then I was back on my way to my new office.

 I again was in sales. Back to square one. Right where I started and that was one year ago.

 This office I really like. And maybe that is why I have been able to sustain here. The boss is friendly and understanding. I also have a history of bosses. But I think I should keep that for another post. The colleagues too are nice. Competition..? Well how can there be a sales job without that. But here it is quite a fair competition. So it is great working here.

About the history I made at my sales. Well I made my first sale on the third day I joined. And for the next three consecutive months I surpassed my targets and did fantastic unbelievable sales.

But then I think I ran out of lady luck or was it beginners luck. Well whichever that was it was over. And the sales was okay never bad though. Some called it recession, some that I lost my initial zest to do something.

I think it was a mixture of both. Now I am working as hard as I was last year and it is working. But now I am also working smartly, dealing rightly with people. Call it experience and learning. Now I understand them and their needs better, and know how to present myself and the product to interest them. And it is I think the right way to work.

Hope to create more histories in future.

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  1. July 13, 2009 6:49 am

    dhoom… pachik dhoom dhoom…

    tan tana tan.. dhin chak dhin chak.. 😀

  2. July 13, 2009 6:55 am

    I seem to have a 3 year hitch… last two jobs (actually one job and one attempt at business I left after 3 years) … and i m nearing 3 years in this job and i m looking out… !!!

    that seems to be the general trend…

    I had been in sales even the business I did involved sales… and I thought in sales after a certain limit if you dont grow you run out of steam and enthusiasm and get bored of the same routine…

    Again I m in sales now but without pressures of a target… but am getting fed up with the inactivity… !!

    yes sales job has lot of excitement and opportunities.. but you tend to get bored after a while.. low pressure is the best.. no pressure does cause boredom. no drive..
    I still am to find where do I fit in…

    Actually i would fit best either in Indian teams dressing room or on some nat geo program… I wish they would take me as a porter… I wouldnt mind doing even that to get to the wild !!! really…

    not sure about the Indian team looking but i am sure there is room for you on Nat geo.. afterall you are a rare species.. 😉

  3. July 13, 2009 7:05 am

    congrats on completing a year 😛 😛 😛

    thanks.. 😀 😀

    I have held a single job at a single company for almost 4 years now……….

    4 years.. that is great…

    that is what is work exp… for me….. ROFL…. a totally different story from yours…….

    yes very different..your experience counts as a proper experience on your CV.. mine looks good just as a story..

    but yes, I am still searching for the elusive job that I will love………. maybe never, but still searching 😛

    you will.. and you will love it.. 🙂
    btw i though you were searching for Ms.Z..

    • July 13, 2009 3:08 pm

      yes yes, searching for Ms. Z as well as ideal job 😛 😛 😛

      😀 😀 8)

  4. July 13, 2009 9:01 am

    I have a about two year itch, and first jobs are always excused since everyone can make mistakes then.

    It was interesting to read your experiences, I have had several bosses, sometimes in same company and a post can certainly be written about it. I will wait fro your post. 🙂

    ya i can’t even count my first three as jobs / experience..

    bosses.. now there’s one interesting topic.. i’ve aleady written one about my current superboss.. i will wait for yours.. 🙂

  5. July 13, 2009 12:10 pm

    I again was in sales. Back to square one.
    haha…yep. somewhere along the way, we find that life has come along a full circle.

    hehe. 🙂 it has..

    and yes, when u r given a chance to do the same thing all over again, u may tend to do it with better, thanks to having gained experience on what right and wrong to do. good luck with creating histories in the future too! 🙂

    yes that’s learning with experience.. glad i got another chance or i would have always though i was not capable of sales…
    me too hope so… thanks a lot.. 🙂

  6. July 13, 2009 1:21 pm

    You won’t believe, am still with my 1st company and I completed 7 years here this july 🙂

    Shocked?? I knew!!!

    😯 yes..
    but that is great.. you got a good job in first try..

    And Wish you creat all possible histories and create new records 🙂

    thanks.. 🙂

  7. July 13, 2009 3:03 pm

    Wow! Oorja! You make me ashamed! I was with my first company – which I finally resigned just last year – 9 years, 5 months 😦 Of course, in my line of work, we work in Projects – so there is a lot of change – job profiles change, colleagues change, clients change.. but I find it unbelievable that I stuck with one company for so long..

    OMG more than 9 years.. 🙂 wow to that.. ashamed..! i should feel that.. definitely not you.. wish i could stck to one company for that long..
    i still don’t regret this.. but grass is always greener on the other side..

    And that is probably why I am finding it so difficult to overcome the inertia and join work again 😦

    yes but once you decide for sure you’ll be back on track..

    Your record is wow!

    😀 😀

    • July 14, 2009 9:08 am

      9 years and 5 months in just one company !!!!

      whoa… do such people exist ?

  8. Apar permalink
    July 13, 2009 3:10 pm

    Wow!! congrats on completing a year! Am happy that my comment after ages is of congratulatory nature 🙂 Just pass on the luck of finding jobs to me…please! pretty please!!! 😀

    Hey thanks.. yes yes wish you all the best in your job hunt.. 🙂 with my history i can tell you its easy finding one.. the tricky part is sticking to it 😉

  9. July 13, 2009 3:11 pm

    Well the only itch I have is to buy things 😉

    Hmm… its still better than the one you need to go to a doctor.. 😉

  10. July 13, 2009 3:28 pm

    Its been 4.5 years and I am still in same job and still loving it 🙂

    as long as you love it… 🙂

  11. July 13, 2009 5:58 pm

    Congratulations for completing one year. I am still in my second company…. Make sure you stick to this one… I know records are meant to be broken but then you you would not want your CV to become a Guinness book certificate 🙂

    Thanks… absolutely.. 🙂 i will stick to it for now..
    lol @ Guinness book.. hmm… how many would it take…? 😀

  12. July 13, 2009 6:15 pm

    Great! You have the guts! 😀
    I am in the same job since 3+ years… 🙂

    Guts… well some of it and mostly call it Majboori ka naam… 😉

  13. July 13, 2009 8:20 pm

    One year?? wow !! Reading your job hopping track record, I guess thats an achievement, which also means that you are working in a good firm. Psst..Psst..when do I send you my resume ??? 😉

    yes that is.. well.. now that i read my own story it does sound pretty interesting.. but living it was not. i was starting to feel if i would ever be able to find one good job and be there…

    your CV.. *ahem*.. i have read ur posts on how you treat your colleagues.. and still you want me to take a risk.. 😉 😛

    • July 14, 2009 10:02 am

      Ohhh…you remember all that ??? 😀 😀 I promise to be good with you !!! But if you have any other colleague of urs to take revenge, Im the right person. So what say ? We could be a team !!!

      of course i remeber all that.. what do you think i do at your blog.. 🙂

      Hmmm.. now you’re talking.. 😀 😀 *evil grin*

  14. July 13, 2009 8:40 pm

    Well, three and a half year and I am still with the same company. Maybe I am too scared to switch. 🙂 I hate changes!

    i love changes.. what is there to be scared… changes may lead to better results.. in my case they did..

    Congratulations and hope you stick here for good! 😀

    thanks.. me too hope the same.. though i won’t mind changing my position in the same company..

  15. July 13, 2009 11:02 pm

    Congratulations! I love changes. It is boring to be at one place for long unless of course it is marriage. 😀

    thanks.. i love changes too…
    and yes that particular case we better stick to one.. 😉

  16. July 14, 2009 4:21 am

    congrats on staying a year in a job! i have yet to have this accomplishment and i hope to do so with my current job. i am overall happy here and excited about the things i will accomplish here. cheers and hope you’d stay longer! it means you really like working there then, right? 🙂

    you will too.. i know you are enjoying you current venture.. 🙂
    yes i like it here.. where else would they pay me for surfing the net & blogging.. 😉

  17. July 14, 2009 5:41 am

    oh wow….this month i ll also complete 1 1st job….

    Oh.. congrats to you in advance.. 🙂

  18. kanagu permalink
    July 14, 2009 9:10 am

    congrats oorja 🙂
    I am still in my first job for 2 years… but this not suiting me I have to search for a another one 🙂

    Thanks dear.. 🙂
    all the best… you will find a great one that just suits you best..

  19. July 14, 2009 12:59 pm

    Congrats for completing ONE year 🙂

    It took me 7 months to quit my first job, and it has been over 2 years at the secong job, so I’m improving I guess.

    Thanks.. 🙂
    so what took you so long to quit the first one.. the way you have written sounds you would have preferred to do it earlier..

    it is not just about how long you stay at a job.. what’s the use if you are not happy..

    i guess u are happy there.. so you have been there for 2 years..

    • July 15, 2009 11:18 am

      First 3 months of those 7 were training, so efeectively I worked for 4 months.

      And I completely agree with being happy part 🙂

      so you are happy now.. great.. 🙂

  20. July 14, 2009 4:25 pm

    Oorja I hop from job to job:)
    never stayed in one place for too long..though felt quite torn while leaving but I felt that boredom crept in a lot.. as also politics and what not at workplace..
    I complete sessions(school year) and then leave…

    yes not that one enjoys doing it all the time.. but sometimes it is necessary to move on..

    I like the spirit in which you have taken these experiences:)

    there was no other way.. 🙂

    Congratulations on completing one year!:)

    ((((((hugs back)))))) thanks.. 🙂

  21. July 18, 2009 3:02 am

    I was a total misfit for sales job. I was introvert, quiet and all that and was quite afraid to get in to this field, especially after engineering. One thing I can tell you: As long as I was not performing well (Initial years, newly joined in a company etc) I was quite safe and bosses were supporting me to no extant. But once I started performing, the same bosses would take a U-Turn in their attitudes and start criticising everything I did!! 🙂 Kya zamaana hai!!

    Destination Infinity

    That happens.. when they want you to learn and perform they push you then if you are becoming very good at it.. it is like a threat to them.. yehi duniya hai… 🙂

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