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An Open Window…

January 18, 2009

Twilight.. Sun setting in the west. Mid October evening & chill had begun. An open window by the stairs where 7 year old Anushka is sitting, enjoying watching other kids playing outside on the road.

She is wearing her favorite sky blue skirt with the white top that her grandfather had bought her on her last birthday which was just 3 months ago. Being a new dress, her mother did not let her wear that very often, as she was a very energetic girl always ready with some mischief or the other. Scratches on the knees & torn skirts were quite usual for her. She flaunted her scars with a brave story for each.

Like last month when she came back home with a big cut on her left big toe, playing with friend she had accidentally stepped on a piece of torn can which someone had thrown carelessly right in the middle of the road after consuming the eatable inside. How can you blame a child for that? She was just enjoying a game of hide & seek. She was a brave girl not to cry even when the doctor gave her a tetanus injection. Her mother promised to buy her ice-cream after the shots. She was even allowed to have 2 cups of her favorite ‘chocolate flavor’. She could never forget that day of her life.

A friend of hers called her from outside as she was the captain of her team & without her all the games seemed boring as she was the brightest one in the group making everyone laugh. They were playing dodge-ball. As she heard her friend’s voice a wave of joy spread on her face, a big smile as a response. Then suddenly it faded. Her mother had just forbidden her from going out & playing. She had to lie to her friend that she has to go out with her family so she can’t come. The friend returned sadly, yelling at other friends that they have to start without Anushka.

Actually she had been out all day long with her parents. Her mother had received a call from the family physician in the morning. She was happy she got to skip school. They had reached the hospital by 10 am and had returned only in the afternoon after a series of tests.

She was thinking of a friend with whom she would be playing with soon. Her mother had told her last week that she was going to have a baby brother to play with. She was on top of the world as she knew what being a big sister meant. All her friends had a brother or sister by now & she had been wanting one since very long. She had begged her mother to get one for her birthday. She even promised not to be naughty anymore if she could just have someone to play with at home, as friends needed to go to their places at night, or days like these when she was not allowed outside, or rainy days, or school days, or any day.

She wanted to have a last try to go out & play. So, she went down to her mother who was sitting in the living room with the phone in her hand. She seemed worried. So, Anushka went near her & sat besides her on the sofa. Her mother looked at her, took her hand in hers and walked towards the window again. It was her favorite place too.

Her mother had been waiting for a phone call since they returned. But when the phone rang a chill went down her spine. She picked it up to hear the familiar voice of her doctor. But the reports left her dumbstruck.

Sitting on the window she kept thinking this can’t be happening to her. She put her arms around Anushka’s neck lovingly like never before. A tear at the brink of her eye. Her child, her first born had been diagnosed with AIDS.

The tetanus injection had been infected.

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  1. January 19, 2009 4:09 am


    A heart wrenching story written so well….
    But seriously somebody else’s mistake can be life threatening for so many innoncent lives. I just wish we start taking ours & everybody else’s life seriously…

    • January 19, 2009 12:42 pm

      Smita – Thanks…
      yes really we must think twice before any action be it driving, using medecine or even a simple thing as disposing the garbage. we never know whom it might harm.

      Prasad – don’t worry dear it is just a story..

      we really don’t even know how many children and adults get infected like this. how painful & unfair it is to be punished without being guilty.

  2. Prasad permalink
    January 19, 2009 5:11 am

    damm!! Y Y Y YYY!!!

  3. January 20, 2009 2:54 pm

    awesome !!!
    but this happens in real life t00 😦
    thats the sad part

  4. January 21, 2009 3:42 am

    very well written 🙂

  5. January 22, 2009 3:03 pm

    Oh that was so heart-wrenching!!! You have a wonderful flair for words! Will keep visiting!

  6. January 25, 2009 10:40 pm

    lovely…very engaging and heart wrenching narrative..

  7. April 1, 2009 6:33 am

    such a sad story..but its written very well….


  8. June 15, 2009 10:12 am

    Sad!! 😦

    P.S. AIDs can’t be diagnosed so soon neither can HIV infection!

    ya i know but i didn’t think about logic while writing..


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