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When the destroyer creates.…!

December 8, 2008

The young mind is the easiest to influence. It is like wet mud, can be given whatever shape as the creator feels. But what when the destroyer takes on the role of the creator.
He creates human weapons to attack his own race. To kill his own kind.

Mumbai attack is one of the tragedy’s which will leave its imprints on the world. Not only Indians but men & women all over the world were counting minutes, looking forward to the end of it. But it seemed endless…For 2 whole days a handful of terrorists took over the city and also the thoughts of people all around. Everyone concerned for the hostages stuck in the hotels.

The terrorists had all the inside information of the hotels. They had enough ammunition to take on a whole battalion of commandoes, they knew what to do, where to strike, how to damage. These terrorists were probably around 20-22 years old. The right age to be misguided, an age in which the body has all the strength & mind has a will strong as steel. This can be used or misused easily as they don’t have enough reasoning power developed yet. This doesn’t apply to all youngsters their age as we have seen some brilliance at that age too. But imagine some child who has been living in these terrorist camps since he was a teenager, heard their seniors talk about hatred & how underprivileged they are, how unfair everyone is to them.

They are taught to hate. Fed hatred. Their thoughts are filled with ideas of revenge against everyone. These guys are not afraid to die in the name of Jihad not even fully understanding what it actually means. Not even knowing for whom & what they are fighting. They are mere pawns in the hands of the masterminds who want to hurt the world in order to show off their power.

These terrorists think they are killing & dying for a cause. That is what motivates them. They are told that they are like freedom fighters, who are doing this for ‘their people’.
If they hurt the innocent they will send out their message clearly, as everyone will be following that. For them it is like ‘eye for an eye’.

This being the truth is very terrorizing in itself. These terrorist have their own reality. The one they have made up on their own, which does not match with the reality of the world.
And that is what they teach their youngsters in their ‘Camps’. So when a young man with all these ideas comes out to the real world he has only destruction on his mind. To help him in that these masterminds give him intense commando training, teach him war plans, train him with all latest electronic gadgets and provide him with all the necessary destructive material.

Then to put all the hard work in use they even give him a plan to work on. ‘A mission’ as they call it. And this young influenced mind sets out to destroy whatever comes in its way. That is what we saw on television on 26th & 27th November 2008. The out come of their intense training, hard work & months of planning being executed. Just as any stage drama well rehearsed on its virgin show. It had all the audience it could wish for. A great hit. Victory of the Villains.

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