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Do Poachers read blogs..?

February 13, 2010

We all know there are 1411 tigers ((well that was the count when they started broadcasting that campaign.. not sure how many now) left in India now.. so spread the word they say.

They asked to blog.. now what is the use if you have a blog and not write about a good cause..

So I Blog… so I am blogging about it.. but when I thought about it I felt.. how many of the poachers read blogs… or how many of those who buy tiger products read blogs..  or even if they do.. will it make any difference..???

It is not the cynical me… As optimism is the way of my life..

How can you kill these beautiful, majestic animals…

So people (you don’t deserve to be called that.. as you are worse than the beast…) please leave the tigers alone…..

There are intolerable amount of cockroaches in the world.. Please find use for them……


Birthday bash….!

December 5, 2009

My baby blog is a year old today..  and I am a year older…

I started this blog on my 25th B’day.. as a special treat to myself.. so that I too grow with this blog..

And now exactly one year later we celebrate our birthdays together…

This has been one of the best years… I made so many new friends.. had so much fun…..

Thank you guys for enriching my year with all the great memories..

So shall we start the party..

Always remember “The more the merrier”…

So… Shall we cut the cake..

hmm.. there are  more flowers than the cake..

lets try something else….

much better…

Anyone for the drinks..

 what would you guys like to eat…..

Pizzas maybe…

treating you with what i like…

hope you guys are enjoying….

Now some dancing..

DJ’s here…

Ok.. its gettin hot here….

Enjoy You all….

i’ll be right back…………

Mrs. Boss..

November 23, 2009

No I am not talking about the boss’s wife. It is literally about my new boss. The new lady on the block, I mean in the office.

You guys know how much I love to write about my office.. so here is one more tale in that series….

My favourite current boss got transferred to other department. As efficient as he was he deserves to get promoted and so when this challenging opportunity came his way he didn’t give a second thought  before saying ‘yes’. And that is how it should be.

Now that he is off limits of my blogging purposes as I’ll just be seeing him maybe once a day or less than that, I won’t be able to get any more interesting tales about him. Though I still have some good ‘Girlfriend tales’ of his in my kitty that I might write about some day, till then lets wave him a big “Bye Bye”

And now here I have a new specimen from my office to introduce to my blogmates..

She is an Ex-employee of our cut throat competitor, so you can guess how valuable she is. And she joined last week to manage this weird bunch. The new one needs all the help from me as I have been here for more than a year and a half.. So I am the new helper who’s working over and above her own job to help the new boss get comfortable.. (hence no time for blogging)

Professionalism and experience oozing out, I feel she will be a good asset to the company. Three days with her and I am already gelling well with her and find her ways of thinking and working very similar to mine. I especially like the way she took over so quickly and is ready for all additional responsibilities too. This is the kind of employee every company looks for.

O.K. it may be a bit too early to praise her so much but she’s a Career Woman and that is quality enough for me to praise her. Managing two fronts…  together.

But wait there is a twist in the tale.. her kids live in India, they are studying there. She’s not that old herself so that makes her kids school goers.

So how do you rate a mother who has left her kids in another country to pursue a career or just plain make money which they say will be used for the kids’ future only.

I know a couple of other moms too like that who have left the kids back in India with the grandparents so that they could work abroad without any hindrance. One of the moms left her 2 year old to study further.

This brings us to the age old debate. Should women just take care of the home and babies and stay put? Or should they explore their own life, their possibilities and find a independent identity for themselves?

Whichever it is but leaving a two year old in a different county, I can’t digest.

I am fine with working moms who come home in the evening to spend quality time with the kids, even if that is not possible the kids always know mom is here whenever needed. They see them daily, eat mom’s food (which has no substitute in the world), play with her, do homework, talk, share, fight.. or whatever they want to do..

But mom is always HERE.

But for some child who’s mom lives in a different country and calls him every second day… I am not sure how insecure the child can get. They may be living with the grandparents but still its not mom and dad. 

The famous excuse that the money earned will help in the child’s studies or needs is not worth enough reason (according to me) to have this long distance parenting.

Not only the child misses you and gets insecure. The parents also feel miserable living like this. Always worried what the child is going through… or missing the company of their bundle of joy….. 

Every parent (must) brings a child into the world have thousands of dreams in their eyes. And I find this way of raising the kids in a separate country just to fulfill the materialistic needs a bit absurd.

There is so much to share between the parents and the children. And especially as the childhood is a temporary phase.. as they grow up they might not even care for the company of the parents when these moms and dads try to re-bond after years of separation.

So..  How good an idea do you think it is..?

The Vixen

November 19, 2009

She is a young woman.

Why does everybody call her the vixen?

Maybe they wanted to refer to her beauty and call her ‘a fox’..  but no..  it is not what they mean..  she is the vixen. 

She is a very attractive female, with a shapely body. Not voluptuous but curvy enough. Sharp features and a great sense of dressing. It is the way she carries herself that attracts people towards her in the first place; but the second step is always backwards.. away from her.

What is it about her that everybody can sense since the first meeting? Why the steps that leap towards her are retracted ever so rapidly..?

Maybe it is the way she looks at you with those sharp piercing eyes that can make any giant uncomfortable; the way she honey-coats her words to suit you but the bitterness can still be felt, the way the questions start getting too personal since the word go.

All of it…. and it’s the sixth sense of humans I say, that warns the people to stay at a distance from her.

Afterall she is a young woman.

Who would you be if you knew you could be anyone..?

November 3, 2009

I would like to be myself…. Not joking… Not the one who people of the world see. Who is all tied up with social & moral thoughts. But the real me….

One who wants to live….

I would wander through unknown cities…. Alone…. See what nature & man have created together…

I would let my mind to be free to think what come may….. & not worry what if anyone comes to know of it…

I would spend my days at a local garden with a nice book in hand..

I would roam all evenings at the beach…. Till the moon shines right on the top…..

I would spend long cozy mornings in my bed…..

I would have a dog right besides me when I go for a walk…

I would have dessert before the dinner….

I would scuba dive and snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef…

I would climb a few small hills just for a hike…

I would have a tattoo or two… 

I would help a small child with her life. Maybe adopt one so when I finish my life I have a sense of achieving something…..

I would fall in love with him again…

I would write for my satisfaction….

Yes, I surely would like to be myself……

Who would you like to be…?


Blog Action Day – non 55ers..

October 15, 2009

My contribution to Blog Action Day 09 –



He goes for his late night swim and finds a dead rat in his private pool and orders for a full drain and cleaning.

“Water crisis In African countries – people dying of thirst” is the news flashing on his LED TV.


“Did you hear the world is coming to an end with this climatic changes”..

“Yes but we need not care I am sure by that time we would have found some other planet to encroach, we have great scientists”..


Conversation on 5 year olds –

“You know my mommy was telling me that we should not bother animals and birds as they too have life and feel pain just like us.”

“you should not bother what has life…. “Then why do you eat them..? Do you eat people also..?” asked the other worried kid.


“Wow, it was such a tiring day…!” said the first friend.

“Yes, we covered about 30 shops in 5 hours, that is our latest record.” Confirmed the second one happily, looking at the loads of shopping bags in heir hands..

“But it is bad that all the leather shoes and bags are getting costlier by the day.. remember we got them for half the price last season.” Complained the first one.

“Yes the designers have no compassion for their regular customers, they just want to make money.” The second one replied walking right under the huge banner that said Save the Endangered animals avoid leather products.


All she wants is..

October 11, 2009

He said he’d take her to the moon..

And saw two sweet questioning eyes.

He said ‘I love you’ every night..

Still felt something was not right..

What was it she was looking for..

Pleasing her, how could it be done?


And one night suddenly a thought came to him,

And when she least expected him..

He showed up at her door with a single rose..

And saw her face bloom like a garden..

He realized the truth that night..

That is all what a woman’s heart wants..

Small surprise tokens of the love.

Live the “Quote”

October 4, 2009

I have this habit… don’t know if it is good or bad but I do have it…

I can’t Quote a ‘Quotes’ as a Quote..

Confused…? What I mean is, when I read any quote I just take in the gist and say it in my own words..

I like quotes a lot.. they are like small inspirational books in themselves.. leave a great impression on you in minimal number words.. which is a great quality in its own.. but my problem is I can’t remember those very less number of words as it is.. though I can write a whole page write up explaining it.

Somehow I just can’t remember the exact words of the ‘Other Person’. That used to cause me some troubles during school/college days when you have to remember the definitions given by famous people exactly in their words. But I always preferred not to do it.. all my class used to mug up the quotes and write them, but I was the only one in the class who rarely used this sign “______” to fill it with the real quote or definition. I just ditched the dangerous sign and wrote what the person meant in his/her quote.. and then used to continue with what I had to say.

How can I remember these quotes….? those are not my words and moreover that is not my idea.. no matter how much I like the quote and the lesson we get from it……. I can’t remember it…. how can I remember it exactly.. and why should I..? It is the inner meaning of it that is important not the exact words..

Once I read this in a book called The Prayer of a Frog

A philosopher who had only one pair of shoes asked the cobbler to repair them for him while he waited.

 “It’s closing time,” said the cobbler, “so it won’t be possible for me to repair them just now. Why don’t you come for them tomorrow?”

 “I have only one pair of shoes and it won’t be possible for me to walk without shoes.” “Very well. I shall lend you a used pair for the day.”

“What! Wear someone else’s shoes? What do you take me for?”

“Why should you object to having someone else’s shoes on your feet when you don’t mind carrying other people’s ideas in your head?”

And maybe after that I started feeling what I was doing was right.

Aren’t we supposed to live life like that too.. if we see other people’s lives and like what we see we can’t just copy paste them into our lives.. We must modify and moderate the morals of other’s lives to fit in ours.

Not everyone gets benefited by the same kind of advice. Every person is unique so every person must follow a tailor-made solution to suit their own situations. We can never generalize common problems too and give a common answer of ‘try it, it worked for me’.

If it worked for someone else doesn’t mean it will give you the same results.. If we want to follow these great ideas in our lives we must read them many a times and gradually get the juice of it.. then only we will really benefited from them.

Unexpected deprivation and its benefits…

September 27, 2009

Sometimes or should I say always we are deprived of something which is so important in our life just to remind us that there are many other things too in life that need our immediate attention… like our real life….

Yes I am talking about my internet connection. Without which you can’t even imagine life anymore. And this long unexpected break made me realize how much important this blog-life of mine is to me and how much weightage it has in my life.

Much more than I thought..

All the time I kept thinking what is happening in the blog world, Indyeah must have written that anti-terrorist mission post, and what about hitchy and scratchy, what all fun everyone will be having at his adda, and whatever all the mommy blogger’s (Smitha, Solilo, Rashmi….) cute and smart kids came up with in my absence… and our Vimmuuu.. what more fame claim posts has he bombarded the blogospehere with.. and did OG find his Miss Z / Rajamma / or atleast some 3sha look-alike so that he could boast about his domestic skills to her…?

and much much more………

Actually there was some major net trouble in the office and I was offline for such a long time that I feel like its been years or so…

To add jale pe namak and teekhi mirchi my lappie also took sides with the bad guys and refused to let me meet my blog buddies. Some technical trouble in it too..

Ab isse bura to kuch nahi ho sakta…. Haina..?

Hope these problems get solved soon…

But the good part is I got to spend a lot of good time with real people.. I mean whom I meet face to face.. We went on a small road trip with hubby’s colleague’s family, they have a 1 year old daughter who is a cuite… for a small kid she was really well behaved. Even during the ride she was not very uneasy and was playing with us all the time.

The view I must say was picture perfect. The whole of the highway lined with the beach on one side and mountains on the other. Couldn’t get any better..

Such a scenic view it was….. Beach blue as turquoise.. and the water was so cool and the whole beach was lined with pebbles all over.

A picnic on the beach with friends.. is my idea of a great weekend.

If we had had the lappie we could have missed such a great opportunity.

So that is why they say every cloud has a silver lining..

Going green..!

September 15, 2009

For the health conscious person in me I have switched to the ‘Green tea’.

I love my coffee and everyone knows that and tea has always been a second preference.. not that I didn’t like tea. But it was always second to coffee.

But now I am loving tea more than my first love. (I mean coffee 🙂 )

Recently I had shifted to black tea as I didn’t like the taste of milk in tea. And i found  Black tea to be really great.

When I was in India I loved the tea with milk that mom made. Also the ones we drank at the railway stations.. not the ones in the train as they were more water and no milk.. not much taste. But strong ginger tea definitely interested me.

But here I had started avoiding tea totally. Maybe it’s the milk I don’t like here. So I decided to try the black tea as I couldn’t drink coffee all the time. And I loved the black tea. It has the strong taste and feel. And so I became a regular of that.

But now I am a step ahead and getting addicted to the wonderful heavenly green tea.

Last week I accidentally stumbled upon a box of green tea in my office. (Read in my super boss’s drawer, he is out of town and me and my boss are using this opportunity to the fullest 😉 by the time Superboss returns there might not be any left for him.)

So.. It is not just the great benefits it will have on my health that has pulled me to it.  But I dig the aroma and the taste.  The colour pleasing to the eye and the strong smell of ginger and lemon in my cup.. is aaaaaaahhhhhh….!!!!!

Even breathing it in refreshes my mind and soul.

I was wondering if green tea was better than black tea  and should I buy a box for myself, so I went looking for details. Turns out both are great for health. Not that I didn’t know before but never looked into it deeply.

Now I will make a habit of drinking both alternately as I love both.

Right now I am having a wonderful cup of hot and piping green tea.. and just looking out of the window…thinking nothing….. Life is bliss.

Nope have to hurry back to work…